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Incoming Students (FAQs)

We are requesting families commit to a minimum of one grading period (a trimester for grades 6-8 and a semester for grades 9-12).

Daily engagement with active class participation 

Distraction free learning environment 

Assignments completed and submitted on time  

High standards of academic integrity  

Daily monitoring of school platforms including email, Aeries, Google Classroom, and textbooks 

Organization with daily and long-term assignments through use of a list or agenda. 

Communication with teachers and staff to seek clarification and support  

Respectful communication and collaboration with peers  

Maintain balance with activities, outside of school, that do not involve a screen 

Engage in remote learning with the same commitment as in the “traditional” setting 

Active monitoring of student’s courses including assignments, grades and attendance 

Consistent communication with teachers and staff  

Support of the student’s distraction free learning environment  

Establishment of a structured daily routine for attending class and completing work 

Participation in meetings with program staff if requested. 

Ensure student’s daily monitoring of all school platforms 

Engaged communication with the teachers and school staff  

Maintain an active role in my student’s education and provide assistance as needed 

Provide student opportunities for physical activity and healthy social interactions 

No.  While many students have been successful in distance learning, online distractions have caused some students to struggle with their academics. If your child is easily distracted in this way, they would be better served with in-person instruction. 

Counseling and support services will continue to be offered to students in PVDLA. Our PVDLA counselor is Paula Stapleton ([email protected])

For a student to be successful in distance learning they will need a reliable internet connection and access to a device.  Students will be able to sign out Chromebooks for the school year if needed.  Students and parents should be familiar with technology and be able to trouble shoot issues as they arise. For some families hardwiring a device directly to a modem has helped with WIFI issues. In addition, setting up a clean space, free of distractions, and dedicated to school has helped students be successful this year.  

If PVDLA is not working for your child, reach out to the administrator ([email protected]) for assistance.  The team will meet to discuss supports and accommodations.

Yes, students in PVDLA will continue to participate in all state and local assessments.  

Students in the PVDLA school will no longer be a part of their home school as they are enrolled in the PVDLA school now.

PVDLA is exploring promotion ceremonies for students and parents. 

Students can continue to participate in after school activities and sports through their home school via a cooperation agreement with PVPUSD schools. 

PVDLA will be staffed with fully credentialed teachers from throughout the PVPUSD. See staff directory on our website for details. Secondary Students (grades 6-12) also work with APEX Learning Platform Teachers for instruction, while continuing to meet with a PVPUSD Mentor Teacher.

Students can return based on space availability at specific times during the school year (grading periods).

If needed, yes, textbooks will be available.

Students will receive a Chromebook as needed.

If a student is having issues with technology, we are here to help.  There will be technology assistance available to assist students remotely.   

Yes, Brett Egan ([email protected]) is the PVDLA principal.

PVDLA will be utilizing Google Classroom as well as district approved programs for online instruction.

Yes, all teachers will be PVPUSD employees

PVDLA will deliver Special Education Services and accommodations remotely, as appropriate.  These may look different then in-person learning and as a result, the IEP will be reviewed in order to determine appropriate accommodations and services. 

If you are signing up for PVDLA the expectation is that you are available to attend all meetings based on the developed schedule. 

Students will have meetings with the teacher in-person on a given frequency. However, if there  is a concern and you need to meet virtually, hold a conference with the teacher and administrator to discuss alternative options. There potentially could be assessments that will be required to be administered in person.